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Itself on socialawn!

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Why host on socialawn

Your rules

Your backyard, Your rules!
Select your dates, prices, number of guest's allowed, party rules & other guest requirements.

Its free

Listing your backyard is free! Simply upload few images of your property & backyard & our team will take care of the rest.

Verified guests

Our team requires guest to confirm information like ID, Contact number & Email.

How to host


List your backyard for free

Listing your space is easy. Simply send us few images of your backyard & property along with your conditions to rent & our team will do the rest.


Review requests

Review the requests from the guest and decide to approve or reject.


Accept booking & get paid

We will pay you out once the guest checks in. We charge flat 15% per booking. You will be paid out via Paypal or direct deposits.


Frequently asked questions

Host's are paid once the guest's checks in. Usually it takes 24 hours before the money is reflected into your account.

We will pay you out via Paypal or Direct bank transfers (which ever is your prefered mode).

Being at home or not during the event is your choice!

We provide you the option to share necessary information your guest would need to access the property/backyard. ONLY verified & accepted guest will be able to see the information.

Providing access to your restroom is entirley your choice!

In-case you decide to give access to the restroom, you can charge more price/hour.

Where you wish not to share access, let us know & our team can arrange a portable restroom.

Your Privacy & Security is our top priority!

All our guest's are required to submit identificatoin document's i.e. valid Photo id, contact number, Email address & their current residential address.

Our team will then speak to the guest personnely to verify all the details.

We also provide our host option to chat with the guest, via socialawn chat.

Your Privacy & Security is our top priority!

Guest's are required to submit the list of any 3rd party vendors like decorators, caterers etc. involved with the event.

Our team will then verify the information & you will be asked for the approval.

Only approved & authorised perons will be allowed at the event (your property).